The Cardamom Mountains in southwest Cambodia are described as Southeast Asia’s last true wilderness. Ignored for decades due to war, it was one of the last strongholds of the Khmer Rouge, this remote region has an exceptional degree of biological diversity, including globally threatened species such as tigers, elephants and crocodiles.

Untamed beauty

However, like a lot of Cambodia, without proper conservation and protection the threat from loggers and poachers continues to grow. But perhaps the tide is starting to turn, as because the Cardamoms can offer such rare untamed beauty, community based Eco-tourism projects are springing up and hope to show the long term benefit of conservation based tourism.

Explore by bike, kayak and on foot 

Green soft adventure is beginning to take off, offering intrepid holidaymakers the chance to explore the Cardamoms by mountain bike, kayak and on foot on a series of day, overnight and extended trips through deep forest, grasslands, coastal mangroves, rivers and waterfalls, staying in homestays and simple guesthouses. Perfect for bird watching and wildlife spotting, they’re home to more than half of Cambodia’s 2,300 bird species and to 14 globally threatened mammal groups.

Tourism here is just taking off and each trip is tailored around interests and ambitions. Perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure, cultural curiosity, love of the outdoors and can live without some (not all) creature comforts. It's a great add on to a stay in Phnom Penh, 4 Rivers, Sihanoukville or Kep.