This 8,800-hectare reserve is the island’s last remaining area of primary tropical rainforest. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and designated Biosphere, logging was halted in 1977. Sinharaja's landscape of rolling ridges and valleys of dense forest, threaded with streams, pools and rivers, is a perfect refuge for birds.

Sri Lanka's Most Adventure Orientated ParkSinharaja s

With a hot and humid climate this is perhaps the most adventurous park to visit as all your senses come alive with the noises, sights and smells of the rain forest. It may be home to many mammals, lizards and frogs, but really this is the place to head if you’re a bird lover as it boasts 18 of Sri Lanka's 20 endemic rainforest species.

The only way to get about the reserve is by foot which adds to the experience and the terrain makes viewing a rewarding challenge, a real rain forest experience, leech socks recommended.