Bach Ma National Park lies in Central Vietnam. Just 1 hour's drive from Hue, most visitors add as a day tour during their time here.

One of the most bio-diverse centres in Indochina.

It's dominated by Mount Bach Ma (White Horse), a magnificent 1,448m peak wrapped in tropical monsoon forest and topped by sub-tropical vegetation.This has created a home to flora and fauna from the north and south of the country and has led to Bach Ma being recognised as one of the most bio-diverse centres in Indochina.

Originally opened up by the French colonists and established as a hill station to escape the summer heat Bach Ma now attracts visitors looking to discover the park’s beautiful forests, many lakes and abundant birdlife and butterflies on the series of walks that invariably end at the spectacular Do Quyen Waterfall, which travels 300 metres down in a series of cascades, carving its way through the woodland and fringed by multi coloured rhododendrons.

Don’t miss the chance to walk to Hai Vong Dai, the Sea Observation Post at dawn, where weather permitting you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the sun rising over the park, with a view right down to the coast and out to sea. Nature revolves around the rich birdlife and each walk will reveal new species including the Annam Partridge, Silver Pheasant, Siamese Fireback, Crested Argus, Green-eared Barbet, Red-vented Barbet and Mountain Fulvetta. The best time to visit and experience a holiday here is from April to September and the driest and warmest time of the year. Most add as a day tour but you can overnight in park accommodation.